Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mall Walker

Tonight I was a mall walker. Actually I was just a window shopper, but the image of me in a track suit power walking in the mall is pretty rad, no? I felt the need to have some "me time," so I ventured to one of the local malls for a coffee from Panera and some good ol' browsing. There is something about being with my thoughts, looking at pretty things and sipping a nice, hot cup of coffee that just melts away the stress of the world for me. While browsing, I confirmed something I began to feel a few months ago: I am L.O.V.I.N.G. the neon trend! It takes me back to my elementary days. A simpler time of t-shirt clips, scrunchies, Lisa Frank school supplies and Chic brand jeans. Here is a little fashion file I put together with some of the gnarly (had to sneak that in) neons I'm loving:
Gnarly Neons

My husband was out at a networking event tonight, so when I got home I poured a glass of red and played piano for a bit. And of course, I had to give Dart attention, too.
Tomorrow is Friday! We've got an event for one of Scott's professional associations to attend tomorrow night and a wedding on Saturday. As a hopeless romantic, I simply love weddings. There is nothing more beautiful to me than two people sharing God's love for one another. After all, it is the greatest gift we are given and that we have to give. Good night, friends!

Talk among yourselves: What trends have YOU been loving lately?

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