Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kids Again

This weekend we were able to feel like kids again. A trip to the Children's Museum; a stop at an ice cream parlor; drawing; side walk chalk; playing soccer; and being goofy all made it possible.

Friday, our little niece and nephew made the trip across the state with their mom, Michelle (Scott's sister) and Scott's parents. They arrived late on Friday. Michelle had a meeting in Kansas City Saturday, so we spent the day entertaining her little munchkins. First, we visited the Children's Museum which was a blast.

Afterward, we grabbed lunch and ice cream from a local parlor that makes its homemade flavors fresh every day. We finished the day with some fun playing outside and then supper to celebrate Scott's parents' 38 years of marriage.

This afternoon, our visitors made the trek back across the state to their respective homes. The rest of our afternoon was spent visiting an antique store I'd been wanting to check out and then working in the garden putting in new plants.

The house is definitely different with the sights and sounds our niece and nephew bring. There's nothing like the energy of children to make you feel like a kid again. And just when you're feeling pretty cocky about playing a mean game of soccer with your nephew (and keeping up) for an hour on Saturday? Your joints remind you of your aging body on Sunday.

Happy Monday Eve, friends!

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