Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby and blogging

One of my goals for 2014 is to get back to blogging. Writing here is something I truly enjoy--a forum for me to share my feelings, thoughts and experiences. And while I write each day as a part of my job, there is something so different about writing for pleasure.

Less than a month ago, on a cold New Year's Eve, sipping sparkling cranberry apple juice, I told myself I would make Prairie Glitter a priority again. 

Why no bubbly? Typically, I would be indulging in a glass or two of my favorite champagne, Asti Dolce (shout-out to my friend Melissa who turned me on to it), but not this year. This year, I was celebrating for two! Scott and I are expecting our first baby on April 30, 2014. 

To say finding out we were expecting was a life-changer is an understatement. It's been exciting, scary, difficult, wonderful and has brought us even closer.

On August 19, 2013, the second day of vacation in Vail, Colo. I became convinced that there was something wrong with me. Scott and I were on vacation to celebrate my 30th birthday and I wasn't feeling great. I was tired, crampy and where in the world was my monthly bill, which was several days overdue. I was convinced it was something catastrophic. 

View from our balcony.
That morning, we ventured out to go to the grocery store to get a few snacks for our stay and decided to make a pit stop at McDonald's for a quick breakfast. McDonald's just happens to be the home of one of my favorite foods of all time. It's trashy, unhealthy and a bit unconventional--the McGriddle. Two pancakes hug a stack of sausage, egg and cheese and it is truly heaven on earth. We placed our orders and when we got to our table, I realized I had ordered the wrong sandwich. No McGriddle for me, but a sausage, egg and cheese muffin. I wanted to cry. Scott suggested it was "no big deal" and we could get the right sandwich if I wanted and I remember yelling something to the effect of "my McGriddle IS a big deal, okay!?" All this drama over a $4 sandwich.

The wheels in my brain began to turn and once we arrived at the grocery store, I decided I should probably pick up a home pregnancy test. After all, I was late and wanted to celebrate that night with a glass of wine. So, I picked one up, just to be safe. When we arrived back at our hotel, I quickly hit the restroom to take the test. 

I've taken several of these fun little tests over the past few years but this test was different. For the first time, instead of one simple line, two lines slowly appeared. I came out of the bathroom and Scott was on our balcony about to enjoy his coffee in the crisp, Colorado air. "Is this two lines?" I asked. That was how my husband learned I was pregnant. Yes, it was two lines. Two little lines that changed my world that day. 
Tiny baby on board.

Happy birthday to me.

I never got to have that glass of wine, but we did spend the rest of our vacation in awe and excitement. What really made this special is that Vail was one of the first places we traveled together while we were dating, it's where we got engaged and now it is the place we found out we were expecting our little one. 

The same spot where we got engaged in 2007.
Here, we had just found out we were expecting a baby!
Pregnancy is one wild ride, but we've been enjoying every minute of it. 

We learned we are having a little boy and couldn't be more excited. Right now we're working on his nursery and getting prepared for his arrival in April. 

So, I'm welcoming myself back to the blogging world and hoping that it will not only be a creative release for me but a way to document our journey into parenthood. This year will surely be one for the books ( or blog). 


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! Looking forward to reading more of your posts (it's fun to see and read about the adventures of Omaha bloggers).

    The dress you're wearing above... how amazing is that?! Who is the designer?

    Congrats on your little one, by the way!

    1. Sorry I am just seeing this comment! It is actually a tunic top and I got it at Marshalls here in Omaha!