Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekends and Beginnings

Monday has come and gone (almost). Did you survive? I did, but just barely.

Yes, that is an exaggeration. I'm not one who typically complains about aches and pains but man-oh-man do I have a toothache. After a call to the dentist, near-constant Ora-gel application, Tylenol and a glass of red wine, I'm starting to feel more positive about the situation. Wednesday I'm scheduled to go in and have it checked out. I'm not a huge fan of the dentist, but at this office, they give you music, blankets, pillows and complimentary paraffin dips for your hands. My kind of place.

Other than my rogue tooth, I have no complaints. We had a fab weekend, which kicked off with a trip to Lincoln, Neb. to see my a piece of my husband's art at a charity show, where we met up with friends.

Also on Friday, Scott's parents were overnight guests, as they were on their way home from a vacation and wedding. Saturday morning we all had breakfast at IHOP.

The rest of our Saturday consisted of relaxing, some errand-running and watching a movie together.

Sunday was grocery day. We hit Red Mango first. If you haven't been there, it's truly a little piece of heaven in the form of fro-yo.

The Red Mango we frequent is next to Sur la Table, so of course, we had to stop there as well. After some Trader Joe's and Whole Foods shopping (and food sampling) we hit the hardware store and then home. I made a new recipe, polenta lasagna. Delicious. (Which I'll blog about over at Simple.Chic.Savory)

And there you have it--weekends and beginnings. Tomorrow is a full day of meetings and an early start, as my hubby travels for work. Here's to a great week.

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