Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweet Weekends

There isn't much sweeter to me than a weekend that's not filled with plans and to-dos. The past couple days happened to be just that--unplanned and sweet.

Friday night I tried out a new dish, chicken with leeks. I'll post a review of the recipe on Simple . Chic . Savory. I had never tried leeks before, so I can cross that experience off my list. Whew.

After we ate, we headed out to the mall for a bit of shopping and coffee. I hit up the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale and also found a new pair of snowboard boots. I was stoked, because i had ordered some and they didn't fit. And the pair I found ended up being nearly $100 cheaper! Scott and I stopped for a coffee on the way home.

Saturday morning, Scott headed to Mt. Crescent to teach snowboard lessons. I went out to grab a few groceries and mail a package for my nephew's birthday. When I got home I did some cleaning and organizing. We finished the night with pasta and homemade Bolognese and watched a movie.

Mel Gibson's face in this shot is cracking me up. No, we didn't watch a Mel movie

Today we started the day at church, came home and made breakfast and then Mr. Miller took off to the slopes again. I spent the day baking brownies, cleaning and watching television. Exciting, no?

We shared supper and took a mini trip to Target for cat food. We're not sure what's up with Dart, but we bought him a new bag of his regular cat food on Friday and he refused to eat it. It's the strangest thing. Petsmart was closed, so I got him a cheapo bag tonight and he started eating like he'd been starved. Perhaps we got a bad bag? No clue. But all is well now that he has food in his belly.

Are you ready for Monday? I am and I plan on making the most of my week. Before we know it, there will be another weekend to enjoy.