Monday, September 12, 2011

Change of plans

I recently celebrated my birthday. Wowza, that sounded enthusiastic. Well, that is about how I felt about the day. Not because I dislike birthdays, but because I ended up with the stomach flu. We went to the mall the night before my birthday and when we got home, I just didn't feel right. Sure enough, from that evening throughout the night, I was camped out on the cool floor of the ladies room (aka: my bathroom).

The next morning I thought I felt great. "One hundred percent better!," I said to my husband. As the day progressed, that sentiment changed. I just wasn't feeling well.

We had Ke$ha tickets and unfortunately, had to miss the concert. So no throwing glitter, no making it rain for this birthday girl. I got home from work and opened gifts from Scott. The only thing that sounded good to me was a non-greasy slice of cheese pizza--which we ended up finding at Wal-Mart. (One of their take-and-bakes) Scott had gotten me an ice cream cake and I did have a slice later that night.

Two days later, I finally felt 100 percent, so Scott took me to this really fun wine cafe called Brix. I love the concept: There are wine stations with around 65 varieties of wine. You get a little plastic card that keeps track of how much you drink. You can either have one, three or six ounces at a time and you insert your card and put your glass under the spout. The wines vary in price, but if you've been eying an more pricey bottle of wine, you can try an ounce of it before purchasing. They also have a nice little menu. We ordered the Charcuterie--a plate of bread, cheese and meats and a mini basil pizza. If you're close to Nebraska, it's definitely worth a visit.

Afterward, we walked around the outdoor mall and even rode the ferris wheel inside one of the stores. Yes, we were the oldest riders (besides parents) by a couple decades.

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