Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lake Day and Labor Day

Labor Day weekend, for me, means heading to my hometown in central Nebraska to celebrate their big Fall Festival. Saturday, we made the four-hour trip to my parents' house, where we arrived in the evening. Talking, joking, wine and beer drinking and getting my folks' dog, Deuce, all wound up were the only items on our itinerary.

Posing with Deuce and sporting our Big Red pride!

Sunday, we headed to the lake with our good friends, Ryan and Melanie. Mel's family own an adorable place at the lake and they were gracious enough to invite us for the day.

Driving out to the lake made me smile. I love being back home. I love the way drivers greet passing drivers with the one finger wave. No, not the same one finger wave people give each other in the city. It's a brief, pointer-finger-coming-off-the-steering-wheel-acknowledgment-type wave. And I love it. The scenery was beautiful also. Wildflowers lining the roadsides, cows grazing and winding rivers and creeks in the valley.

We took jet skis, a wake board and tubes. The sand and scenery were amazing and I haven't felt so relaxed in what feels like years. The guys had a blast in the water (and we joined too occasionally) but spent most of the time laying on the beach sipping on drinks.

We headed back for a cream can supper at the lake house. Unfortunately, with a little too much sun, not enough water and some wine thrown in, I ended up sick and miserable at the end of the night. I've never experienced being sick from wine before and I can almost positively assure you that it won't happen again. Enough said.

The next day, Labor Day, is my hometown's big parade. Thanks to my father for going out to get me a Gatorade, I was finally feeling hydrated enough to feel alive again and enjoyed the festivities.

We headed home that evening, stopping for supper half-way at a diner-style restaurant. The weekend was a great finale to our summer.

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