Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'll take summer for $500, Alex.

Summer, where are you? Summer? Summer? Anyone?

Yesterday marked the first official day of summer 2011, yet the past two days have been damp, cool and windy. Generally speaking, I don't mind a bit of rainy-day atmosphere. Mostly because that type of weather makes me feel like I'm living somewhere other than the plains for a day--somewhere like England or Seattle. Lately, though, I've just really wanted to feel the sun on my skin.

To keep me moving forward at the office today, I picked up a coffee while out at lunch. Black coffee. Delicioso. Mi Amore.

Tonight, Scott and I are going to check out a gym. With my ferocious strength and visibly-intimidating muscles, you'll find it hard to believe that I haven't belonged to a gym in more than a year, but it's true. (Insert sarcasm)

At my last job, working as the marketing director for a non-profit health and wellness organization, I literally worked in a gym. The workout itch spreads via osmosis, so naturally, I found myself much more committed than I am now.

And I know that the washing machine keeps shrinking my pants, but I would really hate for them to get tighter on the grounds that I haven't been active enough. (Again, sarcasm)

All joking aside, I'm really looking forward to getting back into a routine. I need something to make me feel human (and healthier!) again.

I'll end with a note I recently posted by my desk at work. I thought it was a great reminder after stumbling upon it online. A reminder to the inner perfectionist. The inner pessimist. The inner person.

And here's hoping summer finds us soon.

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