Friday, June 17, 2011

Ten Random Facts

Because I'm sure you've been dying to know:

1. I love coffee. Love it.
2. I love Sharpie Pens. When I see a new color, it sets my heart aflutter.
3. I love animals. Any and all animals...cute, ugly, big, small. My heart doesn't discriminate.
4. I won't drink milk that is less than a day from its expiration date.
5. One of my favorite childhood memories is my mom taking me to the Orange Julius in our nearby mall.
6. I hate cardboard. The feel of it. The sound of it. Ahhhh. Skin is crawling now.
7. Since I was young, I've wanted a Palomino horse.
8. I am terrified of snakes. And I actually lived in a townhouse that had an infestation of them in the basement. :shutters:
9. I feel strongly about protecting others (friends, family, complete strangers) and I often get on my soapbox about it.
10. I can play the recorder. Not just blow through it and make a sound, but actually play notes. Yes, I am a woman of many talents.

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