Monday, February 28, 2011

Academy Awards

Last night I did two things: had an epic failure in the kitchen trying to make peanut butter cookies (don't ask) and watched the Oscars.

I've always enjoyed watching the Academy Awards and for several reasons. First, I like to imagine myself on stage, fighting tears as I gracefully deliver my acceptance speech. Okay, I'm just joking. Actually, why I really enjoy the Oscars is that it must be such an incredible feeling to be the men and women accepting those awards. The feeling of being recognized among peers and past legends as one of the best in your industry must be incredible.

My other reason for enjoying Oscar night is far more shallow: the fashion.

So without further adieu, here are my nominees for best dressed:

Halle Berry; Mila Kunis; Camilla Alves; and Hilary Swank.

Images courtesy of Celebuzz and Just Jared.

There were dozens of beautifully-clothed women at the Oscars this year. I had a hard time selecting just a few to post.

Most women don't often find themselves in the market for a full-length gown. But if you have a special event coming up and want to be as stylish as one of the previously-mentioned starlets, you have to check out Every year they feature "Oscar Look for Less" gowns. Here is a link to some of their past copy-cat looks. I'm guessing they'll have some of this year's Oscar looks available soon.

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