Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Failure: (noun) noun - An act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success.

I am a failure. I have failed. Haven't we all?

If you've ever failed at something, rest assured you're in good company. The purpose of this post isn't negative or to call attention to anyone's shortcomings. It's simply to remind myself (and everyone else) that we all endure failures. I have serious doubts that there is an individual out there who can say they've never failed.

Doesn't failure make success much sweeter?

I can say that the times I've grown and learned the most about myself are through failure.

So if you're feeling like a failure today, this week, this month or this year, chew on this:

Abraham Lincoln

• Lost job in 1832
• Defeated for state legislature in 1832
• Failed in business in 1833
Elected to state legislature in 1834
• Sweetheart died in 1835
• Had nervous breakdown in 1836
• Defeated for Speaker in 1838
• Defeated for nomination for Congress in 1843
• Elected to Congress in 1846
• Lost renomination in 1848
• Rejected for land officer in 1849
• Defeated for U.S. Senate in 1854
• Defeated for nomination for Vice President in 1856
• Again defeated for U.S. Senate in 1858
• Elected President in 1860

Walt Disney was American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, and animator. One of the most well-known motion picture producers in the world, Disney founded a production company. The corporation, now known as The Walt Disney company, makes average revenue of US $30 billion annually. Disney started his own business from his home garage and his very first cartoon production went bankrupt. During his first press conference, a newspaper editor ridiculed Walt Disney because he had no good ideas in film production. (Source)

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