Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jude | Three Months

Jude, you are three months old!

Diaper size  |  Size one
Weight  |   13+ pounds

Nothing to report in this department. You're still a healthy baby! Although you have been drooling a bit more and chewing on your hands. Maybe you're teething early?

Your typical routine is to have your bath at 9 p.m. followed by playtime, food and rocking you to sleep. You will sleep from about 10:30 p.m. to 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. You eat and then go back to sleep until around 6 a.m. You really don't like to nap during the day and when you do, it's only for a half-hour to 45 minutes. 

You are still breastfeeding and being supplemented with formula. Lately your appetite seems to be increasing, so I'm suspecting it's the three-month growth spurt. You eat a four ounce bottle and breastfeed about every two hours or so.

Jude, you recently started laughing! It was the best sound I've ever heard. Mommy was kissing on your face at a restaurant and you let out a big laugh. My heart melted. We're still working with you on tummy time and being able to hold your head up. You'll get there soon. You also like to make a lot of noise! You coo, yell and babble. Another developmental milestone is that you've started to reach for items and grasp them. You're just getting started with this skill, but are making progress. Recently, you found your tongue and really like to stick it out at us. One big milestone is that on your three-month birthday, you rolled over! 

You love "talking" to mommy and daddy. You also love your play mat and mommy bought you a bouncer seat this week so you can sit in the kitchen while I cook. You like when mommy reads you books (especially your black and white books). And at bath time, you're all smiles when I lotion you up! You also still like spending time in your swings.

Jude, you really don't like to nap. Even worse? You hate being tired! Yep, it's a double-edged sword. You fight sleep and then get pretty crabby if you're overtired. Luckily, it doesn't happen too often because mommy watches your sleep cues closely. As soon as you yawn or act tired, we start a calm process of going to sleep. I also discovered that you don't like me to wipe your nose or clean your ears. 

Peanut, peanut butter, little pumpkin, pumpkin butt, punk.

Things I want to remember
You have such a funny little personality. You smile at us all the time and love talking to us. When daddy walks in the room, you always look toward his voice and give him a grin. Lately I've been trying to spend as much time holding you as possible, especially when you nap, because on Monday I have to return to work. The past few months at home with you have been some of the best days of my life and I love you so much. But I know the ladies at your daycare will take excellent care of you and you're going to learn and grow. Other things I want to remember include taking you to see daddy race his BMX bike for the first time, you having a pretty epic meltdown in church (thank goodness for the nursery), and you being a good little shopping buddy to me. Jude, you are such a sweet, smiley little boy and I'm looking forward to how much you'll change and grow in the next month.

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