Thursday, February 7, 2013


I've been out sick the past two days, feeling like I've been hit by a truck. The couch and I have become pretty close. I can't say I'll miss her when I go back to work tomorrow.

Being home sick, however, has made me realize that I would probably watch a good amount of television if I didn't work eight-to-five. The View, The Chew, The Doctors, Rachael Ray--Why am I not DVRing these? Oh, because I already consume more television than is healthy.

I also did a bit of browsing on Pinterest from my sick station on the couch. Seeing all the thousands of pins made me think, "what if we spent as much time actually doing stuff as we do pinning stuff?" Deep thoughts. And perhaps some motivation for me to actually get to some of the projects and recipes I've pinned.

Well that's all I've got tonight. I'm about to go enjoy a hot bath in preparation for entering the Land of the Living tomorrow.

Stay healthy!


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