Saturday, July 28, 2012


I've got some blogging catch-up to do.

The last month has been crazy-busy and intense. You can read more about that part here.

Then there was the "terrible tooth." A few weeks ago I began having tooth pain. After using Ora-gel, ibuprofen and ice packs like a crack addict, it was time to see a dentist. Hopeful for relief, I sat in the dentist's chair on a Wednesday afternoon. After a consult, I received news that I needed a root canal. The dentist tried to deliver the news softly. No need to tip-toe, doc: the root canal is a procedure I'm quite familiar with, having had one early this year. I was genuinely excited to have it (is that strange?). The pain was getting pretty heavy. But, the dentist didn't want to do mine because of the shape of my roots, so he referred me to an endodontist. To make this story a little shorter, I was able to finally get in to the endo on Friday. The 24+ hours between the dentist and endo consisted of the worst physical pain I've ever been in; a lot of crying; ibuprofen; ice packs; no sleep; and finally my husband pleading for an earlier appointment on Friday. After a three-hour root canal, I (and my tooth) were restored. Thank God for modern dentistry.

That evening, Scott and I made the trip to the heart of rural Nebraska--where I'm originally from--to honor my Uncle Tim the next day at a memorial fun run. That Saturday was bittersweet for our family. We were celebrating his memory; raising money; and coming together as a family. However, there was something--someone--missing.

Scott ran the 5K while my mom, sister and I walked and played photographer(s). My dad kept cool in the shade.

After the event and a nap back at my parents' house, mom and I took their dog, Deuce, to the river. He loved it and we practically had to force him to leave.

I took a few snapshots of the river while I was there. I spent many days of every summer of my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood at this river. My perspective, however, has changed. I don't remember it being this beautiful.

During the next week, we noticed Dart acting a little strange. He was laying around a lot and seemed depressed. On Thursday when I got home from work, I knew something wasn't right. He was lethargic and almost seemed in pain. We got him an appointment for 6:20 p.m. at our vet. After many tests and evaluation, it was determined that he was in stomach pain and had a fever. They also thought an x-ray of his intestines looked suspicious. Because they closed at 7 p.m. they sent us to the animal emergency room.

We were then told he may have an obstruction and they would do a barium study on him to be sure. I had to leave my little fur-baby. And just when I thought my emotions couldn't get any more out-of-control, they brought in "do not resuscitate" papers to sign! Seriously. Pretty sure it was from that moment on that I bawled like a baby all night.

Dart made it through and had to be transferred back to his vet the next morning. They did not find an obstruction and spent all day Friday trying to get his fever down. No tests were ever conclusive but I am a bit suspicious about his recent change in cat food brand. Who knows. We'll be changing brands as soon as he's done with the prescription, easy-to-digest food he is on right now from the vet. Sadly, when he had to have an IV put in, they shaved a one-inch strip around his leg. It is really a bit funny to look at and Scott and I call it his "chicken leg." Because we're strange like that.

Friday night we were able to bring him home. Finally. Later that evening Scott's parents; sister, Michelle and brother-in-law, Dave; and their two children, Matthew and Danielle, came to town. On Saturday, Scott's dad helped install our fan in the master bathroom. We were so happy for his help. What a blessing to get it done.

Later, Scott and I went to Roja, a local Mexican restaurant, for appetizers and Margaritas before meeting up with Dave and Michelle for the Lita Ford, Poison and Def Leppard Concert. It was fantastic and Def Leppard was seriously amazing. However, it was still 100 degrees that evening. Thank goodness for bottled water and frozen strawberry daiquiris.

Sunday, the whole family met at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Michelle's birthday. After that we took a quick trip to the mall (where I learned my niece shares a love for sparkly shoes) and then to our house for a quick visit before they left for home.

In the midst off all these goings-on, we've been trying to finish our master bathroom remodel and we refinished our deck. Believe me, I'm not complaining about all the activity in our lives recently, but it does remind me that we all need to take time to step back and decompress once in a while. Rest is important for the mind, body and our relationships. Which is exactly why we plan to spend (most) the weekend at home, low-key. Until Sunday...when we catch a Weezer concert. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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