Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

The New Year 2012 started off fabulously. We went out with our friends, Ryan and Mel, to Cheesecake Factory for drinks and dinner.

Weather here in Nebraska has been so crazy. It wasn't really cold and by the time we came out of the restaurant, it was raining. Typically we've got fa-reezing weather.

Afterward, we headed to a bowling alley where we had booked a New Year's Eve party package. We met another couple who are friend of ours, Ted and Andye. We bowled, had drinks and event took advantage of some go-karting. Except for me. I was the team photographer. Quick fact: I'm terrified of go-karts!

We had such a blast and Ryan even won a Nintendo Wii! We were back home by 1:30 a.m. and ready for bed.

On New Year's Day, I was ultra-productive. Cleaning, name it, I did it. I love the New Year. It gives me a feeling of fresh starts, new possibilities and a renewal of my spirit.

And resolutions? I don't typically make resolutions, although I did tell Scott I resolved to vacuum more, after dusting my house yesterday. I feel like I'm always dusting! Does anyone else feel like this?

Today I started the day with some shopping and then came home, had lunch and spent some time with Scott. I started feeling a bit head-coldy so I made a big pot of chicken noodles for supper. I'm ending the day with The Bachelor, a manicure and pedicure, some laundry and a little Pinterest. Oh, and I'm doing my first night of a burpee challenge!

Tomorrow it's back to work. Thank goodness for short weeks and fresh starts.

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