Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!

The weekend went really quickly (always does!).

Friday night we made stir-fry and then went to a thrift store close to our house to hunt for hidden gems. Surprisingly, I didn't find a thing. I usually leave with something. Afterward, we grabbed a coffee and made a quick stop by Marshall's--love that store. I found a Christmas gift for someone on our list while we were there. Yes, you read that correctly. I purchased the year's first gift.

Saturday morning I baked Monster Cookies to take to our friends' house. They invited us over to cheer on the Huskers. We won-- Go Big Red!

Before the big game, I took time to wash, vacuum and Armour-all both cars. I decided I might as well, as weekends as beautiful as this one don't come around all that often after September.

Sunday morning I woke up, put the cat outside, watched Food Network, read the Sunday paper and clipped coupons. Exciting? Highly. I also prepared beef stew in the crock pot. We made a trip to Home Depot, headed to evening church, did a quick grocery run and then came home to enjoy stew and a glass of Merlot.

This week I am looking forward to tackling a few things on my to-do list. I have a few painting projects (which I'll share here) and really want to get them finished, as the weather is supposed to be perfect!

I've also been in the process of going through my closet--organizing, donating, re-arranging, etc. Fall Cleaning, I suppose.

This week my goal is to hit the gym a minimum of three times. Again, I'll reference my baby steps theory. I actually lost about a pound last week, so those baby steps must be working.

Here's to a week of productivity, health, paint and (of course) finding time for a little fun in between. Have a great week.

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