Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Re-cap

We all wish the weekend lasted longer. I couldn't agree more. This week, I'm fairly certain the work I did in our yard will accompany me every day, as I feel I've been hit by a train. Not quite the extension of my weekend I was hoping for.

But, the aches and pains are worth it. Our 1,800 gallon pond is once again operational, the remnants of last fall's leaves are in yard waste bags and the leaves of old plants are torn out, making room for the new shoots and leaves to break through the soil.

I was over the moon to see that I have daffodils almost ready to bloom. I usually enjoy winter, but this year I'm ready for a warm-up.

Saturday and most of Sunday were spend doing outdoor projects and I must have been so focused that I forgot to take any photos of our progress. Soon, soon. We ended our evening by going to evening church services and then out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for a meal and Margaritas.

Well, it's Wednesday now and I am still sore. I have a new-found respect for the elderly in my neighborhood I see out gardening every day.

Tomorrow is the big "B-Day." Basement Day. We have a local basement company coming to repair our sinking basement. For the price of a Smart Car. Well, maybe not a Smart Car, but a Ford Festiva. In good condition.

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