Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainbow Bright

Colorful makeup palettes always transport me back to my childhood. Having a mother who spent time as an Avon lady, it seemed there was always some sort of bright eyeshadows or lipsticks in the bathroom to experiment with.

When I saw this palette online at E.L.F., I had to have it. Then, when I realized it was on sale for only $10, it made its way into my online shopping cart and the rest is history.

The colors give you great bang-for-your-buck. They're pretty highly-pigmented and go on smooth.

I've used this a ton. Every day, I like to pick out no less than six colors for my eyelids to wear all together. (Just kidding. Made you scratch your head though, huh?) Yes, some of the colors are a bit wild, but I've really been having a lot of fun blending, mixing and matching. I often think people get intimidated by these glossy, bright colors but forget that they can be softened by mixing in a neutral such as a black or brown. Experiment--revisit your youth and spend a Friday night in front of the mirror playing with makeup. That's really what this kit has inspired me to do. And you never know, you may just see me sporting a rainbow-inspired eye today. After all, it is all about confidence anyway, right?

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