Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30-Day Shred

My dear friend Anna invited me to join her (and a number of her friends) to participate in a Facebook fitness challenge. The invite found its way to my inbox right before the New Year. This timing, coupled with facing the fact that I've put on about 15 pounds since moving in June, was enough for me to click "attending."

She set the challenge up on Facebook and encouraged us to invite other friends to participate. The concept is simple--work out using the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD. And of course, be more mindful of what we're eating. The challenge Facebook page is a spot for us to post comments, questions and encouragement.

I already owned the DVD (suffered a failed attempt at the Shred a few months ago) so that was the easy part. The challenge is finding the motivation to do the workout daily. So far, so good. I found that if I turn down the volume of the DVD and turn up my iTunes playlist, I enjoy it much more. I'd much rather listen to Snoop Dogg's Drop it Like it's Hot than Jillian tell me that I can't get abs for free. Really? [insert sarcastic tone here]

You see, I'm not one of those people who feel lost without a workout or can't function without a run. Fitness does not come naturally to me. I know that if I seek results, I must find motivation...somewhere. Anywhere.

When I don't want to put in my whopping 20-minute workout, I need to remind myself of these things:
  • My health--my family has a strong history of heart- and vascular-related disease.
  • Energy--being able to do daily tasks (such as shopping--hey, whatever you gotta tell yourself, right) with more vigor.
  • Confidence--being able to wear my clothes with confidence and not be worried about a bulge here or a stomach-pooch there.
  • Stress--exercise has been touted as a great, natural stress reducer. And who doesn't need that?
  • Balance--finding time to exercise gives me 20 minutes to clear my mind so that I can be a better, more "together" person for those who count on me.
And if these aren't good enough reasons to knock out a quick workout every day, promising yourself a new pair of jeans or shoes might just do the trick. Again, whatever works, right?

Photo courtesy of Jillianmichaels.com

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