Thursday, October 21, 2010


All I care to do lately is eat. And eat. And eat. And not foods that are healthy and life-sustaining but trash, garbage if you will. If it is greasy, salty, sugary, fattening, fried, packaged, comes in a paper bag from the window on the side of a restaurant, chocolaty or has a high fat and/or calorie count--I want to consume it.

This consumption is consuming me.

Help. Please.

I'm unsure of where this is coming from. Usually this type of behavior happens when I feel stressed. But I'm not stressed--maybe a little unsettled though. And I have a fairly long to-do list at home. And I gained ten pounds over the course of our move. So, there you have it--I suppose I'm a little stressed.

I recently read that people have the most willpower on Fridays. Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I start fresh. Wish me luck...and that a good Samaritan slaps the Snickers bar out of my hand should one find its way there.

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