Thursday, April 19, 2012

Roses are Red, Grass is Green

Roses are red, grass is green. I have no idea where I was going with that, but I did photograph both grass and roses yesterday evening. Suggestions are welcome in finishing that little verse. I'd love to hear them. Extra points for the inclusion of animal-related themes.

Last night I spent some time working in the yard. I made a coffee, grabbed my camera, put Dart on his leash and headed out into the gorgeous weather. I've been working on our pond area. The previous homeowners had a lot of plants around the pond that were very wispy and wild-looking. I like a bit more of a lush, green, intentional look. So, I've been pulling out a lot of the old to make room for new. I'm thinking ornamental grass, hostas, perennial mums and I did plant some hens 'n chicks.

The yard was overrun by birds last night. Naturally, Dart was in heaven.

I really have to monitor him outside because last year both a baby Bluejay and a full-sized Robin fell into his murderous clutch. (And no, the birds did not die. Both times we were fortunate enough to catch him before a killing occurred) What can I say? Animal instinct at its finest.

Things are really green right now. I love spring for that reason. I wore my Sperry ankle boots to work in the yard. They keep your feet dry and they help me not to slip when I'm walking on the pond rocks with my pool skimmer to clean out the leaves.

Not only did I have a great evening in the yard, but I was able to meet my friend Theresa for lunch yesterday. We met at this great little bakery/cafe and I had a salad that came on a platter. A platter! I ate about half and saved the other half for Scott. I snapped a pic of my outfit before leaving for lunch.

Daily Discussion: What is your favorite thing to do outside in the spring? Least favorite?

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