Tuesday, January 31, 2012


On the way to our first-ever Bootcamp class at the gym last night, I was telling Scott how I felt a wee bit nervous about the class.

"What if I am slow?" "What if I'm the most out-of-shape person there?" "What if I make a huge butt of myself?"

I love my husband dearly, and he's one of the smartest people I know, but he's not typically one to make really insightful quotes to make me feel better. He typically teases me (all in fun, of course) or bribes me with the promise of a coffee after we work out. But tonight was different.

"Kelly," he said. "It's not how you do it, it's that you do it."

Hold up. This is the same man who was mocking me before we left the house by pretending to be me at Bootcamp laying in the fetal position? What he said really stuck with me. What he said is true.

When we got there, I realized there were people of all fitness levels. From beginner to advanced. And honestly, the beginners outnumbered the super-fit. I even met new "friend" in class. We were discussing how hard we thought class would be before it got started (yes, our type tend to gravitate to each other). Class was fast, fun and very hard. But good hard. Both my mind and body felt purged afterward.

I'll definitely be back next week, perhaps bringing a better attitude with me and definitely keeping in mind that it's not how I do it, it's that I do it.

As a note, we take Bootcamp at 24-Hour Fitness. You can watch a video preview of what their class is like here:

Bootcamp YouTube Video

I also wanted to share what I wore to Bootcamp and brought with me, in case you're a beginner, too. The towel and water bottle are a MUST!


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