Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I want my weekends back

Do you ever feel like your weekends aren't yours? I mean, sure they're yours--you're there, in your body, livin' your life--but do you ever feel the weekends are overcome with tasks you had meant to check off your to-do list during the week?

I've been thinking about this pretty often lately. If I would set aside a bit more time during the week (and perhaps spend a little less time with my friend DVR) I could clean up my weekend task list and have more time to recharge.

The concept sounds simple, but like the old adage it's "easier said than done." I'm certain other women can relate. By the time we come home from work, fix supper and finally sit down, sitting down is about the only thing we can find the motivation for (and of course, that DVR list).

Well this just isn't working for me and it's time to change up my routine--or lack thereof.

I've come up with a mini weekly plan that will, with great hope, help me be more productive during the week:

Cleaning--20 minutes
"Make-up" Day--Use this day to make up for other days' tasks if by chance I have a commitment on that specific day.

Laundry--Do one load
Cleaning--20 minutes

Laundry--Do one load
Cleaning--20 minutes

Laundry--Do one load
Paper Purge!--Spend 15 minutes sorting mail, papers, etc.
Planning Night--Spend 30 minutes planning upcoming week's meals, shopping lists, etc.

Errand day--Grocery shopping and errands

With any workable plan, I feel it's important to be flexible, so I'm sure as I proceed, there will be things on my plan that need "tweaking." And I will most certainly share my findings and experiences here. I think it's a good place to start.

Tonight I'll probably spend more than 20 minutes cleaning--my laundry room has become a catch-all since we moved and it's the only un-finished room in the house. Tomorrow night we're having a friend of Scott's stop by to give us a quote on finishing the space. He does framing and such work for a living. I'm not going for a spotless look tonight, I'd just like to get rid of the "A&E's hit show Hoarders will be filmed here in two weeks" look. Oh, I'm kidding, it really isn't that bad.

If you're in need of motivation or help for getting your life organized, I would recommend turning to the web. There are loads of great resources out there. I've used FlyLady and her site has some great tips and sample cleaning schedules.

I can't wait to have my weekends back.

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